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  • MIERCOLES - FUTBOL: Partido Español - Deportivo 3/5 a las 19:15h - Estadio olímpico. Otra vez volvemos a tener invitaciones para el partido del Español, ahora contra el deportivo. Un partido muy interesante del final de la liga de primera división. Nos encontraremos a las 19:15 debajo de la ANTORCHA del estadio olimpico (montjuich) M L3 L1 Plz españa. Preguntad por 'CÉSAR'...

  • Meeting point jueves 04/05 - 22:30h - stramonium bar: TRIBUTE TO TINA TURNER - Performance a las 22:30 ON TIME! Este jueves en el meeting point del Raval tenemos una espectacular performance en tributo a Tina Turner, interpretado por Laila Martin la nueva promesa del nu soul con la actuacion en vivo "I will never give in to old age until I become old. And I'm not old yet!" {tina turner}

  • Biography - Tina Turner
    Anna Mae Bullock (Tina's real name) was born on November 26 1938 , in Nutbush , Tennessee . She is the daughter of a sharecropper and soon became an international female rock star with her powerful voice, her unforgettable story, and let's not forget, her remarkable trademark legs.
    Everything started when she attended a St-Louis high school when Tina met Ike Turner, a well-established R&B bandleader (Turner's Kings of Rhythm). She started to sing with the band and soon got involved with the saxophone player and had her first son, Raymond. She quickly moved into Ike's house, began a serious a relationship, and eventually gave birth to her second baby. Tina and Ike later married in a quick Tijuana ceremony. This alliance turned out to be illegal because Ike never bothered to divorce his first wife.
    Their marriage marked the beginning of a long, cruel journey for the talented singer. Tina's life was completely controlled by Ike who forced her to work a grueling tour schedule and beat her if she disobeyed his orders. Tina' s energy, dynamism and grueling voice got her on top of the pop-rock act with hits such as River Deep Mountain and Proud Mary.
    She acquired her quest for worldwide fame when she opened for the Rolling Stones in 1969. She made such a good impression that Mick Jagger still uses some of her on-stage moves in his current acts. Tina soon had enough of Ike's possessive behavior, and after a failed suicide attempt, walked out on him with thirty-six cents and a gas station credit card. It didn't look like a promising career move for Tina; many believed she would disappear from the music scene without Ike's musical weight supporting her.
    She didn't fight for any financial compensation and decided to live in total freedom. Tina slowly climbed her way back into the music scene by working small time nightclub gigs six days a week. Joining strength with Australian manager Roger Davies, Tina released the multi-platinum Grammy-winning album Private Dancer in 1984, with hit singles like What's Love Got to Do with It? and Better Be Good to Me.
    Tina also hit the big screen playing a role in The Who's Tommy. She also hit it big alongside Mel Gibson in Mad Max: Beyond The Thunder Dome, both with her acting role and her hit theme song. Next, she embarked on a twenty-five-country Break Every Rule tour in 1987, and dominated with very high ticket sales around the world. Tina dominated the music scene not only with her singing talent, but by being the "Comeback Queen" with tremendous on-stage presence as she bopped around with her micro-mini skirt, high heels, and leonine mane. She also came out with an autobiography, I Tina, which led to the hit film What's Love Got To Do With It.
    With fans such as David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, and Mark Knopfler, she has become one of the most accomplished performers of her time. And believe it or not, after more than thirty years of career, she still goes on stage reaching millions of fans with her singing and heartfelt dancing. If we can come away with one lesson from this star's life, it's that no matter how much adversity one goes through - their Wildest Dreams can indeed come true!

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Aquí tenéis un mapa del bar donde cada jueves nos reunimos (weekly meeting) a partir de las 23h. Stramonium Lounge Bar, en c/ Espalter nº4 (barrio del Raval de Barcelona), se puede llegar con el metro (Liceu o Paral·lel). Especialidad en Mojito, Caipirinha, Caipiroska, Bloody Mary, Absenta, Vino Ribera del Duero, Portillejo, Ron Matusalén...


El Grupo de Trabajo Erasmus te ofrece la posibilidad de conocer otros estudiantes como tú, de varios países de todo el mundo, que han escogido la ciudad de Barcelona como sitio para estudiar su carrera universitaria, y la gente local de Barcelona.

Qué hace el Grupo de Trabajo Erasmus?

Montamos actividades durante todo en el año por los estudiantes Erasmus, InterCampus y otros estudiantes internacionales. Entre estas actividades se encuentran las famosas fiestas Erasmus, nuestras excursiones, como la visita turística guiada al Barrio Gótico o la ruta del Modernismo. Para aquellos que quieran ver más de nuestra tierra catalana, cada año organizamos fines de semana a la Costa Brava, al Museo Dalí, a Girona, a Sitges, y a las cavas de Sant Sadurní. Y para los que quieren ver el resto de España también hacemos viajes a Madrid o Andalucía entre otros. También somos gente muy deportiva, y de vez en cuando hacemos partidos de volley-playa, basket o fútbol.

El Erasmus Working Group también se encarga del programa Mentor (apoyo al estudiante), que básicamente consiste en un intercambio lingüístico entre el estudiante de Erasmus y el estudiante español. También le puede ayudar en cualquier problema con la universidad, alojamiento, o lo que sea. Es gratuito, sólo hacen falta ganas de encontrarse con más gente de la que te encuentras en clase, sólo hace falta que quieras conocer estudiantes extranjeros!

Si deseas más información, o quieres apuntarte, no dudes y escríbenos a o apúntate a la mailing list (introduce tu dirección de correo arriba en esta misma página).

Programa Mentor: Intercambio lingüístico entre un estudiante extranjero y uno de Barcelona. Quieres practicar algún idioma del mundo? quieres ayudar algún guiri a que conozca Barcelona? quieres ayudarlo si un día se pierde o tiene problemas? o simplemente quieres conocer uno/a guiri para impresionar los colegas? Rellena el formulario mentor y pronto nos pondremos en contacto contigo (abierto a todo el mundo, no hace falta ser socio de aegee, ni estudiante, sólo joven y tener ganas de conocer gente).