Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe

Mentor is a system to make people from different countries to be in contact with local people in order to practise languages and get to know each other's cultures.

To take part simply fill in the form below. Partnerships will be formed depending on the timetables, the languages you speak and those you wish to practice. Then you will receive the email addresses and telephone numbers so you can start the meetings.

This free service offered by AEGEE-Barcelona is for foreign students who want to learn spanish or catalan and for students from Barcelona willing to meet people from other countries in order to get to know other cultures and practise diferent languages.



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AEGEE was founded in 1985 in Paris and it's now one of the largest European Students Associations. With a network in over 30 countries with over 20.000 members, it aims to stimulate European integration among students. This is done through organising conferences, european schools, exchanges, summer universities and parties.
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